Xenophobia: Never in our name


The Members of the Legislature are currently looking into the following Bills:

The Disaster Management Amendment Bill

KZN Gaming and Betting Amendment Bill
KZN Gaming and Betting Amendment Bill.....in Afrikaans
KZN Gaming and Betting Amendment Bill.....in English
KZN Gaming and Betting Amendment Bill.....in isiZulu

Feel free to search for any Act, Bill, Green Paper or White Paper you might need. The SA Government website we have linked to already has over 20 000 records going back to 1910. This website is being updated on an ongoinf basis and their target is to include over 60 000 documents.

Management Committees deal with the internal business of the Legislature. Five Standing Committees have been established by the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature. The House establishes a range of Portfolio Committees and assigns a portfolio of provincial government affairs to each committee. These portfolio committees were established during the previous term and may change in the current term. Ad hoc Committees are established by resolution of the House for the performance of a specific task within a specific timeframe. Once that task has been dealt with and finalised, an ad hoc committee is disestablished or dissolved. Sub-committees assist a parent committee with a specific part of the parent committee’s terms of reference. Any committee of the Legislature is allowed to establish its own sub-committee. A sub-committee may only make recommendations to its parent committee. A parent committee appoints from among its members a convenor, members and any alternate members of its sub-committee.


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