The Standing Committee on Oversight (Stacov) is established in terms of Rule 154, 155 and 156 of the Standing Rules of the Legislature.

The Committee must maintain oversight of the financial management of the Legislature by among other things:
1. Scrutiny of the strategic plan, APP, budget and close-out reports tabled in the Legislature;
2. Scrutiny of instructions or directives issued by the Executive Authority;
3. Scrutiny of the vote of the Legislature;
4. Scrutiny of the annual report and financial statements submitted by the Legislature;
5. Scrutiny of any audit reports issued on the Legislature’s financial statements, including any reports issued by the Auditor-General on the Legislature’s affairs;
6. An assessment of the successes and failures of the Legislature in fulfilling its constitutional mandate and supporting Members in the exercise of their functions and performance of their duties; and
7. Performing any other functions specified in legislation or in the Standing Rules of the Legislature.

The AOP represent the key activities that the committee will undertake to fulfill its mandate.
The priorities listed fulfill a dual purpose. In other instances, they serve as a basis for the committee to prioritise the manner in which it analyses information received the department (e.g. analysis of draft APPs, quarter reports or annual reports).


Hon. LXH Hlongwa-Madlala

Chairperson: STACOV

Hon. JS Nxumalo

Chief Whip - Chairperson: Whips Forum

Hon. VP Caluza

Deputy Chief Whip - Deputy Chairperson: Whips Forum

Hon. JN Cele

ANC Whip

Hon. MB Gwala

Chief Whip of the Official Opposition

Hon. ME Phakathi

Leader of the ATM