KwaZulu-Natal Legislature

The KwaZulu-Natal Legislature is one of the nine provincial legislatures in South Africa. It is the highest law-making body in KwaZulu-Natal that is constitutionally mandated to pass provincial laws, exercise oversight over the provincial government and facilitate public involvement in its processes of law-making and oversight.

The KwaZulu-Natal Legislature consists of 80 Members, elected every five years on a party list proportional representation system. The Legislature is led by the Speaker and Deputy Speaker who preside over the sittings of the Legislature. The Premier and Members of the Executive Council (MECs) are appointed from the 80 Members of the Legislature and are accountable to the Legislature for their activities in the provincial government.

 The 6th Term of the KZN Legislature which started in 2019 and ends in 2024, is made up of the following political parties who are represented as follows:

- African National Congress (ANC) – (44)

- Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) – (13)

- Democratic Alliance (DA) – (11)

- Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) – (8)

- African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) – (1)

- African Transformation Movement (ATM) - (1)

- National Freedom Party (NFP) – (1)

- Minority Front (MF) – (1)

 In doing its work, the Legislature facilitates public participation to give citizens a voice in the governance of the province. There are many avenues for participation in the work of the Legislature such as the following:

- Public hearings for law-making.

- Submissions to committees.

- Attending Legislature sittings and committee meetings.

- Sector parliaments for various groups.

- Submitting petitions to the Legislature.

The KZN Legislature is based in Pietermaritzburg, the Capital of KwaZulu-Natal Province. It is situated on 239 Langalibalele Street in the City Centre. You can visit the Legislature to attend House sittings and Committee meetings. More information can be obtained from our website


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