The role of the Research and Knowledge Management Services (RKMS) is to provide quality research, knowledge management, records management and library services to the institution. The Research Section is comprised of 2 Clusters:
Research Cluster 1: is responsible for conducting research and advising Committees in Social Transformation, Security and Administration;
Research Cluster 2: is responsible for Economic Transformation and Governance.

The Library and Knowledge Management Section is comprised of 3 Sub-Sections: Library Services, Knowledge Management Services and Records Management Services (including archives and document management).

The core functions of the unit are to:

i. Conduct research and reporting on oversight, law-making and public participation related to Committees, operations and priorities of the institution,
ii. Provide advisory support to and empowering Committees through research findings, and
iii. Provide library, knowledge and record management services to the institution for knowledge preservation and decision-making processes.

Research Services

Conduct research and reporting on the constitutional mandate of the Legislature, relating to oversight, public participation and law-making.

The Research and Knowledge Management participates in the following structures:

Library and Knowledge Management Services

Contact Details
Senior Manager: Research and Knowledge Management

Mr. Zipho Auriel Phakathi
244 Langalibalele Street, Pietermaritzburg
Tel : 033 355 7486