The overarching task of the Supply Chain Management Unit involves development and implementation of the Supply Chain Management Policy that creates a conducive environment for implementation of procurement processes which are in compliance with all relevant legislative framework and prescripts.

The Unit provide integrated supply chain management services in the department through developing, implementing and maintenance of the supply chain management system. Overseeing and managing the overall supply chain management operations, including;

  • Providing and administering demand management including monitoring that the goods and service procured are in line with the business plans of end users.
  • Managing processes for acquisition of good & services needed by end users to perform and fulfil their objectives. The unit is fully responsible for functioning of Bid Specification(BSC), Bid Evaluation(BEC) and Bid Adjudication Committees(BAC).
  • Management of contracts and logistics including issuing of purchase orders and processing of invoices
  • Assets Management & Loss Administration including acquisitions, logistics and disposal.

In addition to the above, the Unit is responsible for management of all risks associated with procurement processes and approvals and drawing of reports from the SAP system.

Contact Details
Senior Manager: Supply Chain Management

Mr. Goodman Nkululeko Ngcamu
Tel : 033 355 7549
Fax : 060 569 2722