Ms Nerusha Naidoo

Secretary: KZN Legislature

The Office of the Secretary is the highest administrative office in the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature. The term “Secretary” is somewhat of a misnomer and has its origins in the Westminster system. In the private sector the position of the Secretary is equivalent to that of a Chief Executive Officer. The Secretary reports to the Speaker and to the Rules Committee.

The Secretary of the KZN Legislature provides strategic leadership and institutional direction to the Legislature and ensures that assets of the Legislature are appropriately safeguarded. In addition, the Secretary must determine the overall budget for the Legislature, ensure that spending is aligned to specific programmes and that effective service delivery takes place.

The Office of the Secretary, working closely with the Office of the Speaker, provides a vital link between the political and administrative wings of the KZN Legislature. The Secretary is responsible for the effective management and administration of the internal operations and all matters pertaining to the business of the Legislature, including but not limited to

The preparation and implementation of the strategic plan of the Legislature;

  • The establishment, co-ordination and management of an operational plan for the Legislature;
  • The effective utilisation of financial and human resources, the maintenance of discipline, promotion of sound labour relations and practices and the proper use and care of property belonging to the Legislature;
  • The establishment of relations and co-operation between the administrative and secretarial components of the Legislature and those of the National Parliament and other Provincial Legislatures; and
  • The provision of financial and administrative support and assistance required by Members.

The Secretary may perform any other duties and functions as may be –

  • Delegated or assigned to him or her by the Speaker; or
  • Prescribed by these Rules or any other applicable law.

The Secretary participates in the following structures:

Contact Details
Secretary of KwaZulu Natal Legislature

Ms. Nerusha Naidoo
244 Langalibalele Street, Pietermaritzburg
Tel : 033 355 7567
Fax : 033 3557541

Manager: Office of the Secretary

Mr Thamsanqa Dladla
244 Langalibalele Street, Pietermaritzburg
Tel : 033 355 7584
Fax : 033 355 7544

Executive Secretary: Office of the Secretary

Ms Vumile Ngidi
244 Langalibalele Street, Pietermaritzburg
Tel : 033 355 7741
Fax :033 355 7544