The role of this unit is, inter alia, to ensure effective service delivery, institutional development and the setting up of institutional performance targets. This entails the development and implementation of a corporate strategy, policy management and business efficiency services.

The core functions of the unit are to provide the Office of the Secretary with the necessary competence to:

(i) research and develop corporate strategy (i.e. development of strategic, annual performance and committee oversight plans);
(ii) monitor the implementation of performance plans (strategy and annual performance, as well as oversight plans) through the application of monitoring and evaluation tools;
(iii) co-ordinate and drive institutional policy management, and
(iv) improve institutional efficiencies through the application of business process management productivity tools.

Contact Details
Senior Manager: Organizational Performance and Efficiencies

Mr. Nkosentsha Khumalo
244 Langalibalele Street, Pietermaritzburg
Tel : 033 355 7567