The Directorate: Legislative Operations deals with all administrative and operational issues relating to sittings of the KZN Legislature, be they formal sittings in the Chamber; off-site sittings (sittings not inside the precincts of the Legislature), such as Taking the Legislature to the People (TLTP) initiatives; or sittings of sector parliaments (Workers’ Parliament, Youth Parliament, Women’s Parliament, et cetera). With regard to the latter, this directorate provides training to delegates and ensures that they are familiar with the Standing Rules of the KZN Legislature, as well as procedures of the House.

The Directorate has the following components to it, i.e. Procedural Services; Office of the Chief Whip and Members Affairs; Hansard and Language Services and National Council of Provinces (NCOP). Each Unit/ component is headed up by a Manager. You will find the details below

Core Business of the Legislature

The Legislature’s core functions are:

Staff members who are attached to this directorate ensure that all processes and procedures are adhered to when the Legislature discharges its core business.

Contact Details
Senior Manager: Legislative Operations

Ms. Nomkhosi Ndaba
Office 1A-18
1st Floor: Administration Building
244 Langalibalele Street, Pietermaritzburg
Tel : 033 355 7711
Fax : 033 355 7681