Security and Facilities Services is responsible for Access Control. Most doors in the Legislature Building and the Albertina Sisulu Administration Building lock mechanically. To open such doors Members and staff need to have access cards.

Members and staff are expected to visit the Security Services component located in the Albertina Sisulu Administration Building at 244 Langalibalele Street to have their photographs taken for their access cards, as well as fingerprints for biometric access points. Personnel from Security Services will take photographs of Members and staff and take down their personal details which will be stored on the card.

Access levels on the cards are categorized. This means that each card can only open the doors the bearer of the card is permitted to open while performing duties within the precinct. Access to store rooms and the boom gates at the Legislature Building is restricted. Special access will be granted only upon request to Security Services.

By law no guns of any size will be allowed into the Legislature precincts. Members and staff are not allowed to bring any weapons into the Legislature precinct as the Legislature will not accept or receive any weapon/s for safekeeping. An exemption to this rule applies only to members of the South African Police Services, the South African National Defense Force only while they are performing their duties within the precinct.

Contact Details
Acting Senior Manager: Security and Facility Services

Advocate Khwezi Masondo
244 Langalibalele Street, Pietermaritzburg
Tel : 033 355 7573