The Portfolio Committee on Arts and Culture is a Legislature Committee established in terms of the provision of Rule 172 of the Standing Rules of the Legislature. It is accountable to the Committee of Chairpersons, office of the Chairperson of Committees and the House.

The Committee exists in order to deliver on the following constitutional mandate assigned to the Legislature:
1. Performing oversight over Arts and Culture Department and its use of financial and other resources;
2. Law making; and
3. Involving the public in committee and legislative processes.

The AOP represents the key activities that this committee will undertake in fulfilling its mandate.
The priorities listed below fulfill a dual purpose. In certain instances, they form part of the activities undertaken by the committee (e.g. Site Visits). In other instances, they serve as a basis for the committee to prioritise the manner in which it analyses information received the department (e.g. analysis of draft APPs, quarter reports or annual reports).


Hon. EV Dube

Chair: Arts and Culture

Hon. VP Caluza

Deputy Chief Whip

Hon. NR Majola

Chair: Health

Hon. AG Mapena

Chair: Sports and Recreation

Hon. JN Cele

ANC Whip

Hon. MB Gwala

Chief Whip of the Official Opposition

Hon. SE Manqele

Leader of the ACDP
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