Taking Legislature to the People (TLTP)

Section 118 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa provides for legislatures and the national Parliament to facilitate public involvement in legislative and other processes of their committees. It also provides for legislatures to conduct their businesses in an open manner, and to hold their sittings and those of their committees in public.

In line with the above mandate, the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature adopted an initiative called Taking Legislature to the People. Through this initiative, the Legislature extends its sittings to local areas.

The Legislature designates a certain district as its destination for the Taking Legislature to the People program which takes place once a year. Initially the program spanned over a period of five days, but following a decision by the multi-party strategic team, the program was reduced from five days to two days.

The aim of this initiative is to ensure that all citizens of KwaZulu-Natal are able to interact directly with their elected representatives in the KZN Legislature, as well as to expose citizens to the various processes of the Legislature.