Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is an integral part of Corporate Services which renders the following services:

• Bids and Procurement Services
• Technical Services
• Logistics Management
• Asset Management

Bids and Procurement Services This section procures goods and services that the Legislature needs from external suppliers. The process of procuring is twofold: quotations for goods and services below R500 000 and bids for goods and services costing R500 000 and more.

Technical Services Technical services are responsible for the Legislature buildings and any matter pertaining to it, such as office accommodation, telephones, parking, et cetera.

Office accommodation Members will be issued with office keys and remote controls for television sets and air conditioners, where applicable. This section is also responsible for the maintenance of all offices of the KZN Legislature and the Administration Building.

Telephones Each Member has a landline telephone in his or her office. To be able to dial out, each Member must supply the Technical Manager with a four-digit PIN which will then be programmed into the telephone system. To make a call Members must dial *69 followed by the PIN and then zero (0). This should be done for every outgoing call so that it registers on the Member’s telephone account. All outgoing calls will be reflected on a statement that is printed every month.

Parking Each Member of the KZN Legislature is issued a parking bay. A Member will be given a display disc to be attached to the windscreen of a Member’s vehicle so as to be able to access the parking area.

Asset Management Asset Management is responsible for the purchasing and maintenance of furniture and equipment in the Legislature. The movement of furniture and equipment in offices may not take place without the express approval and/or noting of the Asset Controller.

Logistics Management Logistics Management is responsible for the following functions: Travel Desk, Transport, Archives, Provisioning, Registry and Stores Services.

Travel Desk This section arranges accommodation for Members during sittings or while they are away on official business. The Travel Desk is also responsible for making official flight bookings. When a Member has to travel by air on official business, an authorised request for flight arrangements must be forwarded to the Travel Desk from the Office requiring a flight booking, or the Office of the Speaker if it is an official invitation or the Committee Secretary if the business is committee related. Members and their registered dependents get 24 free single trips per year for their own use within the Republic of South Africa. The Travel Desk is also responsible for arranging overseas trips for Members.

Archives and Registry

The Archives Unit is responsible for the safekeeping of dormant and active records of the Legislature until they reach their required maturity point for disposal in compliance with the National Archives Act of 1996. Registry is also responsible for receiving, distributing and dispatching mail. It is also responsible for issuing prescribed stationery for Members. Registry also distributes telephone directories to Members.


This section is responsible for arranging business cards for Members. Members are required to forward the information they want to be printed on their business cards. The business cards of members shall bear the logo of the Legislature only and all cards shall bear similar information and be of the same quality. This section is also responsible for controlling cellular phone accounts and for providing Members with official cellular phones which are returnable upon the day one ceases to be a Member of the KZN Legislature. This section is also responsible for monitoring caterers and provisioning of meals to the public during meetings and functions outside the Legislature precinct.

Stores Management This section manages the consumables that are used on day to day running of the Legislature. They control the issuing of stock and also ensure that stock levels are kept at a required quantity.

Contact Information
Supply Chain Management Unit
2nd Floor: Administration Building
244 Langalibalele Street
3200 Pietermaritzburg

Manager: N.P Buthelezi (Zethu)

Tel: 033-3557548

Fax: 086 566 5818