Information and Library Services

The KZN Legislature Library is situated in the old Law Society Building of the Legislature. It has a well-developed system of supplying information to Members, staff and scholars alike. It has a good collection of reference books, as well as a comprehensive sample of biographies, hagiographies and autobiographies of political newsmakers.

The main purpose of the library is to aid members and staff in acquiring valuable information to help in making decisions; getting more accurate information for members and staff so they can make better decisions; assist staff to increase productivity in the institution; and conducting research on required material and updating library material and maintaining information systems for ease of access to information.

The Legislature Library also subscribes to several institutions online, which can provide a wide variety of information, and belongs to a network of libraries, thus being able to access most books on request. Again, staff members are accustomed to the legislative milieu and are more than willing to assist Members. All Members are issued with library membership cards.