The unit is guided by the Sector Oversight Model (SOM) when conducting its research and technical analysis work. The unit conducts research and empowers Committees with information to conduct their oversight over the Executive and provincial government departments. It makes use of the SOM mechanisms which are a vehicle for conducting oversight. These mechanisms are used to empower Committees to undertake their oversight functions and they entail:

i. Scrutinizing the Annual Performance Plans of Departments and seeking assurance on targets and budgets;

ii. Analyzing Appropriation Bill and look at funding of priorities of individual departmental APPs and allocative efficiencies;

iii. Analyzing quarterly and annual performance reports of departments for tracking and evaluating achievements of the prioritized targets and pronouncements;

iv. Undertake Focused Intervention Studies research and Committee Oversight Work and assess priority areas of government and verify reports;

v. Reporting on Strategic Budget Review for Outer Years by reviewing public concerns on service delivery and gather public input for influencing future plans and budgeting.  

The Unit also administratively support oversight function by facilitating the functionality oversight programs from conceptualization, preparation through pre-visit research reports for empowering members, briefing committees and delegation teams and reporting on findings.

It conducts research on targeted priorities and generate reports for empowering Committees to exercise oversight and enhance service delivery and write policy position papers and write for publication in peer reviewed journals.

It also conducts statistical analysis research and reporting on service delivery levels in the province per district and local Municipalities.

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