Communication Services Unit

The Communication Services Unit is located in the Office of the Secretary. The Communications Services Unit performs the strategic function of ensuring that all activities and programmes of the KZN Legislature are effectively communicated to the public and all relevant stakeholders.

Special Policies and Strategic Objectives

The Communication Services Unit derives its mandate from the following strategic objectives of the KZN Legislature:

To enhance the public’s knowledge of legislation and proceedings
To facilitate public involvement in legislative and other policy formulation processes of the KZN Legislature and its committees
To conduct all legislative business in an open and transparent manner, including the holding of legislative sittings and committee meetings in public

Core Business

The Communication Services Unit is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all programmes and activities of the Legislature and its committees are widely publicised for the benefit of the public and all relevant stakeholders. Furthermore, the unit is responsible for enhancing the image of the Legislature by building and maintaining good relations with the media. The unit applies various strategies in the execution of its mandate. Listed below are only some of the strategies which the unit employs to perform its strategic function:


The unit uses publications and various forms of graphic media (brochures, flyers, posters and newspaper inserts) to enhance public awareness and knowledge of the functioning of the KZN Legislature. These publications are used for civic education, as well as to profile Members of the Legislature to the public. They are also used for brand activation, thereby enhancing the Legislature’s image.

Most publications are distributed at various outreach platforms, such as TLTPs, sector parliaments, public exhibition stands and during tours of the KZN Legislature by schools.

The unit also buys space in various national publications where articles and advertorials that profile the Legislature are placed in order to target national audiences. Publications include top magazines such as Sawubona (SAA’s in-flight magazine), Leadership, One Africa, One Voice (magazine of the Pan African Parliament, Municipal Focus and others.


The unit is responsible for building the Legislature as a brand which is distinct from other arms of government in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal. This is done to reinforce the principle of the separation of powers which is the cornerstone of our constitutional democracy. The unit ensures that the Legislature always appears distinctly different from other provincial bodies, Public Service departments and municipalities.

In this regard, the KZN Legislature has developed its own identity (logo) and colours which are used in all promotional material and official publications. The Communication Services Unit manages this branding function and is the custodian of the Legislature’s brand.

It is also the unit’s responsibility to advise other units regarding the branding of any official promotional item or publication. The branding of the Legislature mainly takes place through the following: banners; publications; corporate clothing; business cards; promotional material; letterheads; print advertisements; signage; calendars; official vehicles, et cetera.

Media Liaison

There is a good relationship between the Legislature and the media, and the Communication Services Unit ensures that the media is always kept informed of issues and developments which occur in the Legislature, including committee meetings. In this regard, the unit facilitates a media presence during legislative sittings, committee meetings, Legislature events and other public outreach activities, as well as access to information which is in the public domain.

Below are some media relations activities which the unit executes:

Issuing of regular media statements regarding the activities of the Legislature and its committees
Responding to questions and queries from the media
Organising media interviews for office bearers, including chairpersons of committees
Issuing media alerts and invitations
Updating media contacts
Providing chairpersons of committees with media-related support

Profiling of Members

The unit is responsible for enhancing the public profile of MPLs so as to facilitate regular interaction between public representatives and members of the public. The aim is to ensure that the public is able to engage with their elected representatives in order to raise issues which affect them as citizens of KwaZulu-Natal. To achieve this, the unit develops publications, such as brochures displaying photographs of Members and their contact details, newspaper inserts, as well as arranging media interviews.

Radio Slots

The Communication Services Unit organises and co-ordinates radio interviews which feature office bearers and chairpersons of committees. The aim is to give them a platform to communicate the activities of the Legislature to the public in so far as they relate to their individual portfolios. The radio slots focus on the legislative, oversight and public participation functions of the KZN Legislature. Radio slots take place mainly via commercial and community radio stations. They are also used to profile the work of the Legislature and to increase the public profile of Members.


The unit renders a photography service during all official activities and events of the Legislature. This includes the taking of photographs of Members and staff for use in the Legislature’s official publications and to update the website of the institution. The unit is also responsible for operating video cameras in the Chamber to record all House sittings.


The unit is charged with the responsibility to ensure that the public and all stakeholders of the Legislature, including the media, are always kept informed of the activities of the Legislature. In this respect, the Communication Services Unit ensures that the business of the Legislature takes place in public and facilitates media access to all the Legislature’s activities. The unit also enhances the public’s knowledge of the functioning of the Legislature and all its processes.

Contact Information

Communication Services

3rd Floor

Post Office Building

244 Langalibalele Street

3200 Pietermaritzburg

Manager: Mr Sina Nxumalo


Office: 033 3557713

Fax: 033 3557699