The Unit undertakes research on public policy issues for committees, members, strategic leadership and executive management. It writes research papers for strategic leadership, committee chairpersons, core business of the institution, sector parliaments and other sessions. In addition, the unit write research papers for publications in reputable Journals, publish articles and policy briefs, and present papers at Local, National and International Conferences. It also organizes and participate in Journal Clubs, Round Table Discussions and Seminar Sessions.

The unit conduct research for profiling countries for Committee study tours regionally and internationally. It undertakes desktop research, identify countries to be visited, develop background information and discussion documents for Committees briefing reports. The same research is undertaken for interprovincial visits entailing identifying provinces to be visited. The unit assist in drafting motivations for international and national conferences’ attendance (including study tours and accompanying committees when undertaking their study tours) and reporting on findings.

It also undertakes ad hoc, generic and general research as and when required, for taking informed decisions, and take a lead in knowledge sharing.  

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