The Political Parties’ Fund is aimed at assisting political parties to carry out their constitutional mandate of advancing ideals of democracy. The allocation of money to the political parties is based on a prescribed formula –

• In part, on the system of proportionality, taking into account the relation that the number of such a party’s representatives in the provincial Legislature bears to the total number of the members in the provincial Legislature; and

• In part, on the principle of equity, which may take into account, among other factors, a fixed threshold for a minimum allocation to each of the parties represented in the provincial Legislature or a weighted scale of representation for an allocation to each of the parties participating in the provincial Legislature.

Members’ remuneration forms a direct charge on the Provincial Revenue Fund, and is therefore not included in the three budget programmes mentioned above.

The timetable below is provided by the provincial Treasury and is normally used by the Legislature as a guide for the planning and budgeting process: