Take a Girl Child to Work – 2015

Girls who came to spend the day at the Legislature

Grade 9 and 10 girls who spent the day with managers at the Legislature.

Take a Girl Child to Work

In its sitting held on 30 September 2015, the Legislature invited girls who are doing grade 9 and 10 to take part in the activities of the Legislature and to gain first-hand experience of the legislative environment.

Girls who came to spend the day at the Legislature
Girls who attended received an insight into the functioning of the Legislature and a goody-bag from the Office of the Speaker.

In line with Cairo and Beijing Conferences, the Legislature considers girl child education as the most important instrument that empowers the girl child to lead an independent, healthier, and happier life. An African says, “If we educate a boy, we educate one person. If we educate a girl, we educate a family, and a whole nation”. It is for this reason that the Legislature has embarked on dedicating a day in its business to expose the girl child to the work of the Members of Provincial Legislature (MPLs), its senior Managers and other Legislature operations.

Girls who came to spend the day at the Legislature
Down to serious business with the Legislature’s Chief Operations Officer, Mr Bongani Sibisi.

It is hoped that this will instil interest in the work of the Legislature and greater insight into various careers to pursue in politics. The girls are invited to the sitting of the Legislature to observe House proceedings and are given an opportunity to engage with Members on various topical issues debated either in the National Assembly, the NCOP or Provincial Legislature. The programme is structured in such a way that the girls are guided through the day- to- day activities of the Legislature with greater emphasis on the importance of working together as different political parties in a democracy to ensure that the citizens have a say (through their elected representatives) in the legislative processes.

Girls who came to spend the day at the Legislature
Active engagement between eager learners with the Legislature’s Manager on Institutional Transformation, Ms Bridget Dlamini

In this way, the Legislature instils a culture of tolerance and helps the girl child develop an important trait, namely, the ability to make choices for one’s self. Thus, the Legislature prides itself for contributing immensely towards building future women leaders in politics, and for educating a girl child to build a nation.

Girls who came to spend the day at the Legislature
A well deserved break after a tiring day at the Legislature, the girls were treated to lunch and each also received a certificate.