Tuesday, 21 June 2016
















HOUSE: 09H00




1.             Silent prayer or meditation, or reading of the prayer in Schedule 2.


2.            Obituaries and other ceremonial matters.


3.            Announcements by the Speaker.


4.            Announcements or Reports by the Premier.


5.            Tabling of Reports or Papers.


6.            Formal motions and notices by the Chief Whip.


7.            Notices of Bills or motions.


8.            Orders of the day:



8.1          Report by the MEC for Finance on the 2nd quarter consolidated statement of municipalities’ budget;


8.2         Debate on KZN Authorization of Unauthorized Expenditure

                             Bill, 2016;


8.3         Debate on SCOPA Resolutions subsequent to follow-up hearings held in February and May 2016;


8.4         Debate on the theme “40th Youth Commemoration following the Soweto uprising”;

8.5                  Debate on the following motion moved by the MF:


Noting that:


South Africa and KZN in particular, has not achieved the target of 38/100000 live births MMR of the UN MDG5;


Further noting that:


Skilled-birth Attendants are a key human resource to lowering MMR, yet the classification of maternal care-workers remains ambiguous,

This Hon House calls on:


The Hon MEC for Health to motivate for reclassification of these healthcare workers at National, so that, their roles and development needs are addressed in norms and standards, that will ultimately achieve MDG5 goals.


8.6         Debate on the following motion moved by the ANC:


This House notes:


The shift of emphasis from municipalities as providers of essential services to citizens towards becoming the veritable drivers of local economic development and job creation at local level.


This House therefore resolves:


To commend the role the Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) in KwaZulu-Natal is playing in this process which mirrors the vision of the National Development Plan (NDP) and the government’s broad objective to inspire and oversee the programme of radical economic transformation at all levels, including in the local government context.


8.7         Debate on the Review of Standing Rules of KZN Legislature.