Office of the Chief Whip


The Office of the Chief Whip was established to give administrative support to political office bearers, i.e. the Chief Whip of the Legislature, as well as Whips of other political parties represented in the KZN Legislature, and to provide a link between the Executive Council and the KZN Legislature through the Office of the Leader of Government Business.

In support of the Legislature vision of being a people-centered, activist Legislature which seeks to deepen democracy and activism in KwaZulu-Natal through robust oversight, effective public participation and efficient law-making; the Office of the Chief Whip drafts and ensures the implementation of the Legislature’s programme of sittings.

The Office of the Chief Whip is also responsible for constituency and outreach programmes which aim to intensify robust oversight and effective public participation.

By co-ordinating briefings to the Legislature, the Office of the Chief Whip also ensures interaction between various Chapter 9 institutions, such as the Office of the Public Protector, the Office of the Auditor-General, the Public Service Commission, the Independent Electoral Commission, et cetera.

Whips of the KZN Legislature are represented in the Whips’ Forum which was established in terms of Standing Rule 166 of the Standing Rules of the KZN Legislature.

Composition of the Whips’ Forum

The Whips’ Forum consists of the Chief Whip of the Legislature and all other Whips of the Legislature.

Rule 127 concerning alternates does not apply to this committee where:

(1) A party may appoint three alternate members for each committee: Provided that minority parties are collectively entitled to three alternates for each committee.
(2) An alternate acts as a member when the member for which the alternate was appointed —
(a) is absent; or
(b) has vacated office, until the vacancy is filled.

Chairperson of the Whips’ Forum
(1) The Chief Whip of the Legislature is the Chairperson of the Whips’ Forum.
(2) If the Chief Whip is not available, the Deputy Chief Whip of the ruling party performs the functions of the Chief Whip.

Whips Forum Meetings
(1) The Chief Whip may call a meeting of the Whips’ Forum on his/her own initiative or upon request by another member of the forum, but must call a meeting if the Speaker so requests.
(2) The Whips’ Forum meets in closed session, unless it decides otherwise.

Functions and Powers of the Whips’ Forum

The Whips’ Forum acts as a platform –
(a) for the discussion and co-ordination of matters for which the Whips are responsible; and
(b) which the Speaker may consult when appropriate.

Role of Chief Whip of the Legislature

The Chief Whip –
(a) must, after consultation with the other Whips, arrange the business of the Legislature on the Order Paper, subject to the Standing Rules and the directives of the Management Committee on Programming and, after consultation with the Leader of Government Business, when any government business is prioritised;
(b) is responsible for political consultation and liaison among the parties in the Legislature;
(c) must ensure the effective development and implementation of the legislative programme;
(d) is responsible for liaison with the Executive Council, through the Leader of Government Business;
(e) must arrange the number and order of Members who wish to speak in debate and, in consultation with other Whips, arrange for the approximate duration of each debate and divide the total time available among the respective parties: Provided that all parties represented in the Legislature have an opportunity to participate in proceedings in a manner consistent with democracy;
(f) is responsible for the overall co-ordination of all Whippery activities;
(g) must establish and maintain good working relations with the Whips of other parties on the basis of mutual trust; and
(h) must, in consultation with the Speaker and after consultation with the other Whips, allocate seating places to Members in the Chamber.

Contact details

Office of the Chief Whip (Administration)
Office 5
Post Office Building
240 Langalibalele Street
3200 Pietermaritzburg

Manager: Mrs Sindisiwe Tembe
Mobile: 082 802 6841
Office: 033 355 7659
Fax: 033 355 7768