Office of the Speaker

The office monitors implementation of executive committee decisions and act as a link between the Speakership and both internal and external stakeholders, including NCOP and National Parliament. The office monitors and ensures effective management of all legislative programmes , manages intergovernmental and international relations including Commonwealth Parliamentary Association( CPA) and National Conference of State Legislatures( NCSL). Ensures effective implementation of all strategic leadership decisions and monitors implementation of all STACOV and Whips Forum decissions. The office manages and co-ordinate tabling of Annual Performance Plans and Strategic Plans by provincial departments, municipalities and state entities. The office manages liason with provincial departments on all parliamentary matters and manages Speaker’s urgent community intervention programmes and is responsible for Speaker’s Special Projects. The office is responsible for management of media relations and co-ordination of Speaker’s Forums and monitors effective public participation.

The Office of the Speaker ensures involvement, participation and accessibility of the KZN Legislature to the general public in its programmes since it is an activist and people centred legislature. The budget allocated to various provincial govenrment departments should be optimally utilized hence portfolio committees are continuously empowered to conduct their oversight function in the most efficient and productive manner. The voices of the public on management of public affairs are heard through outreach programmes in the form of sectorial parliaments and Taking Legislature to the People( TLTP) . Various Bills are tabled by the Portfolio committees and Members of the Executive Committee with a view to strengthen and ensure relevance of laws to the needs of the province.

The Office of the Speaker receives huge number of requests and complainsts from individuals and community organizations and these are processed accordingly. The office work with Parliamentary Constituency offices in addressing some of the community challenges. Through the Speaker’s Social Responsibility Programme the office has made interventions in many parts of the province particularly in providing relief to poverty stricken families . In partnership with the private sector and other government departments the office has assited many viable community organizations particularly those which provide services to vulnerable groups.

Manager: Mr GN Ngcamu
Mobile: 0605692722
Office: 033 355 7795